fryer draining and cleaningso cool
1. Call dibs on a cart and collect the pots you'd like to use for draining and holding the oil.
2. Drain the toil from the fryers into the pots, as much as you want to carry in the pots.
The oil is rather heavy, so don't strain yourself and do more trips with less oil if necessary.
Oil gets dumped in the receptable next to the trash compacter.
3. When the fryer's empty, rinse out the pots you used and save them for later.
4. Take off the loose metal pieces from the fryers and set them aside in the dish pit to be cleaned later, or clean them now.
5. Spray the inside of the fryers with oven cling, and make sure that it's on the foam setting.
After spraying, the oven cling needs to set for about 10-15 minutes for it to work properly.
6. While the oven cling is setting, pull the fryers away from the wall to get behind them and clean the floors underneath, and clean the sides of the fryers.
The sides of the fryers can also be cleaned well with oven cling or hot water.
7. Pull out the grease shield and clean with oven cling.
(you can skip this if you don't know what that is lol)
8. After the oven cling has set, scrub the inside of the fryers and rinse with water.
9. Using the same pots from before, fill the fryers with clean water to the fill line and split a gallon of vinegar between all 4 fryers.
10. Turn the fryers on and let them boil for 15-20 minutes.
In the meantime, you can leave them alone and continue with standard opening procedures.
11. After boiling time, turn off and drain the fryers and carefully wipe the inside with a clean towel, and rinse again.
12. Reassemble the fryers and fill with oil. When you turn them back on, the left over water inside the fryers and pipes will boil and sizzle throughout the day, so stay aware of that!
and all done